Inaction, mental strain, disputes and a threat to an intellect. Valuing an opinion to a study, following the chants over reason. When the truth and reality diminish, the chaos emerges. By the time we all become confused beyond any visible clarity of thoughts is too late. How to stay rational in society that becomes more and more irrational. Even normally rational people, start to call the pandemic propaganda and hoax. Each country follows pretty much the same pattern. There is relentless to social distancing with society and medical research. People at large don’t respond to a threat until they experience it personally. Same with climate change. Denialism, despite the well-established science, is unbelievable. Our common sense and self-reassurance and perceived ability to self-establish facts based on empiricism are causing the denial. Eristic emerges in public discourse so the advantage of the heuristic of the laymen during the pandemic. It wouldn’t be too shocking or even terrifying if those who discredit the current state of affairs that is more than less based on the scientific advice, actually read the peered reviewed research and medical accounts. For myself I have decided there is no point of arguing. Eristic for long before has been practised between atheists and theists, flat-earthers and descendants from Nicolaus Copernicus, pro-gun movements and their antagonists. No dispute can be resolved and no solution will be found without open mind, scientific approach and desire to finding the truth. Those participating in such disputes are sentenced to failure right from the start as their only objective is to win the argument and convince the other side to their line of argument and opinion. Sure enough that most of such disputes could be classified as eristic. Still, though, the underlying difference between science and a simple argument is search for truth. In such a quest, the participant must be prepared and willingly accept the possibility at large of abolishing their initial thoughts and theories for the benefit of finding the truth and/or a solution. This, in my opinion, is the reason why liberalism was never accepted by masses and science will never outperform beliefs. Everything comes in the end to a simple conclusion which one treats simplistically as the truth, while the others only as the quest for truth:

Ansence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

We didn’t go for a walk today or any form of exercise outside the house. I have managed to force myself to an hour of exercise to reward myself with a nice dinner and a whole bottle of red wine. ‘Have I Got News For You’ was hilarious. Supposed to play chess with my friend but we end up chatting and discussing different things. If I don’t miss going out and meeting people I do miss discourse and mental engagement with another human being. End up the day/night with building anxiety, angriness to allowing myself to open to other people, overeating as a result and watching six episodes in a row of ‘After Life’ second season while feeling down.

I may be dumb but I’m not a dweeb
I’m just a sucker with no self-esteem

Political row escalates as more and more evidence shows inaction of the government downplaying the threat of the widespread pandemic even when Italy was at its peak and Spain was facing the same or even worse outcome. Britain was happy to go lucky and thrive on the nationalism and whatever strengths and advantages it may bring. All those to learn that Dominic Cummings sits at SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) meetings which supposed to be independent experts advisory group. If you want to make sure the things go smoothly, invest in the best people possible that know what they are doing. That is established experts in the field of expertise required not philosophers and self-proclaimed gods! Today also died an elderly whose condition deteriorated after dislocating a shoulder and was refused to be admitted in hospital because she could contract COVID-19 and die as a result. She died dehydrated and without pain relief as the result in the care home. Those stories are the individual tragedies refused access to their constitutional and human rights under the coverage of common good while few failed to act for many. It is the liberalism that takes those few to account, not allowing them to wash their hands and bring justice to those that otherwise are being lost amongst many.

US President Donald Trump’s briefing was as unreal as the competency of him, his administration and some among the UK’s used to be secret SAGE panel. Donald Trump, however, topped the evidence of his incompetency over and beyond with today’s claim that injecting a disinfectant may help cure a person of COVID-19. Like the medical professional sitting painfully during this briefing, I will also not allow myself to orate sermons of eristicism as tempting this may be. Instead, I will share a video. You can draw whatever conclusion you wish.



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