And the weekend already. Tempus fugit! Day by day goes by like crazy. My daughter feels most of my day. It’s hard to focus as there is constant interruption. Nevertheless, there is always something to do, especially if it goes about the cleanliness. Try to keep a house spotless with a five-year-old and a cat with ever-increasing fur.

It was a shopping day. As always 7 pm I was ready to fill the fridge and cupboards up. Bought some more gardening stuff, gardening set for the little one, few crates of lager and necessities. I spent a little bit of time reading magazines and newspapers but largely stayed off the news. Read the full list of SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) attendees and who they are that was published by The Guardian. That’s worth sharing. Still working on and finishing a couple of other posts I want to make but will need to concentrate on other stuff from Monday. Other commitments and deadlines creeping in.

The rest of the afternoon/evening went quiet. It was definitely a cheat day. Beer and crisps for the evening while watching The Pink Panther from 1964. Still funny. Once the little one went to bed I finished the ‘After Life’ season 2. I like the ending a lot. A nice twist to the story.

While we all getting stuck into our human things nature is taking a big breath. I could divulge on my opinion of Trump being an imbecile or concentrate on throwing invectives at others that perhaps even deserve it, but who cares. Heroes are idiots who make it. Normal people try to protect themselves and the closest one. That’s the ugly truth of humanity.

Anyway, this is how much nature gives a fuck about us, mighty humans:

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