Who is to B(l)AME?

While I was doing my research on COVID-19 vs. Spanish Flu, it struck me that one of the hypotheses behind the high number of deaths among young people during the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic was overcrowding in the military settings and secondary bacterial infection. Increased risk in the military population could be due to increased influenza transmission, increased risk of bacterial…

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COVID-19 vs. ‘Spanish Flu’

On Sunday, 19th April 2020 appeared an article in The Sunday Times titled Coronavirus: 38 days when Britain sleepwalked into disaster. The article is very good and paints a full picture of the UK preparation to the unfolding pandemic. It has a couple of flaws, but overall it is an excellent piece of journalism. Nevertheless, it would not get such…

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The COVID-19 pandemic is being fought around the world while the economy is currently in a palliative care unit. It is hard to determine when we can return to normal, but it largely depends on steps we are taking now to warrant such a return. We need a plan that can be communicated clearly to the public. So, can we…

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Coronavirus • COVID-19 • Pandemic

Today the World Health Organisation (WHO) has finally confirmed that coronavirus is a pandemic. This sets matters straight and raises awareness that COVID-19 outbreak is actually serious. Although panic is completely unnecessary each to they own should be aware and be responsible for themselves and others. You may be young and healthy, but your parent, neighbour, friend etc. may not.…

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Voting Liberal Democrats is both safe and rational choice to make

Voting Liberal Democrats is both safe and rational choice to make. Here’s in 3 points why: It will end bipolarity of the Parliament and will force the House to work together. Conservatives won’t risk third snap election. They will finally get on with Brexit. LibDems won’t win the election so Brexiteers don’t panic! Yes, People’s Vote UK is inevitable but…

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Are we in business?

Where highly prestigious MBA diploma gets you precisely... nowhere, yet you are stuck with a huge debt for a piece of a paper that, no doubt about it, is proudly exposed on the most prominent wall in your house resembling an art. Perhaps it is one, in one form or another... A very vivid picture of pain, distress and disappointment.…

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