Good day world ?

Greetings from the UK.

Here comes to an end the very first day of the lockdown. I can double my efforts now and write a bit more since I am a good and responsible citizen and I stay at home.

It has been a busy March for me that carried on from February. I have been reading a fair bit on covid-19 and with my knowledge, my anxiety grew. Not the worry just for myself but for others. I have spent the whole previous weekend bringing myself up to speed with the scientific data, research and other country policies on the pandemic. Not just the current one but also one we have had survived. So I concluded the British government being irresponsible and decided to stop my child from going to school. ?‍♂️ It’s been over a week and she misses it quite a lot. When she is playing on her own she recreates scenarios from school. I feel a little bit sad because she really enjoys it and obviously missing her friends. However, it gives me a great opportunity to actually be a dad and spent time with her. This is also why I have started this blog in the first place. Also not to go mental and try to share my experiences and opinions with others. Perhaps you also happen to be a career-driven father that starts to wonder where his life went.

I am quite opinionated. For my defence, when you are a workaholic it is hard to form new friendships, find time for a beer in a pub or do stuff you used to love doing 20 years ago. Social media enables you to establish new connections, start new conversations and terminate them whenever you feel like without feeling awkward or having to pretend. Boom! #instantgratification
So yeah it’s going to be a mixed bag of thoughts and feelings. It’s for me but you are most welcome to join, read and even let me know what you think. Enjoy! ?

Dad ?

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