Another sunny and quiet day. Another unproductive day though. Think I have read the Internet, twice! I didn’t realise I can laugh so much sharing and creating memes with the family. There is a hint of sarcasm with every meme. Those allegoric ones, in my opinion, are the best. If you think I am a waster meme is actually serious business. It’s part of anthropological studies. I don’t fancy becoming a Professor Meme, but you can choose to study memetics if you wish. I was a little bit disappointed though as I wasn’t able to find the science behind it in one meme.

We went for a run today. It was a walk really but I did a bit of running, chasing after my five years old. Felt very grateful today for a lot of things. Mainly for my child, great weather, being lucky to live in a semi-rural location and for being healthy. We take life for granted. We postpone things that are important to us into the future thinking we will have time to pick up where we left it. Meanwhile, life goes on. Even if not much for us, nobody is going to wait for you indefinitely. And then there is always a possibility that you will not have a chance to pick your life where you have left it. It’s when life really starts to matter. So the thought of the day I guess is this. Focus on important things first. Postpone those less important because even if you won’t have a chance to get them done at least you won’t have any regrets. There’s nothing more depressing than having to go when you are not done. So don’t be that guy!

The official death toll for Britain exceeded 5,600 people. However, this is likely to be near 10,000 mark as ONS has got a backlog. This seems understandable as each death needs to be reported, then registered and pass all the admin hoops. We are being told there are enough beds and pop-up hospitals are being kept just in case in preparation for the worst but government projections show there will not be filled. It was all positive, even with the growing deaths. We need to understand that mathematically it is a normal thing. Still, these are individual people, individual family members losses and personal tragedies. Although we have reassurance we can cope, there are stories of individual people dying at home and not being admitted to hospital. Including two long time employees of NHS. One a male nurse with over 20 years saving lives collapsed at home and died. The family called four times with no avail. Another was a medic with over 40 years of experience from Hong Kong. Both were confirmed to be working without protective equipment. I messaged my friend who is a child nurse concerned if she has any equipment. It was good to have a reassurance from her that her ward has enough face masks and gloves. Face masks are in short supply but they are alright. I don’t know anyone working in ICUs to report first hand.

Boris Johnson remains in intensive care and is likely to need a ventilator. This is in contrary what the government is saying. It is understandable nobody wants to see vulnerable Prime Minister. The government says he is on oxygen not on a ventilator. The medical professionals rebut that. You don’t go to ICU to get oxygen which can be administered even in an ambulance. Perhaps as his condition has worsen, he is being kept under close observation and further help can be provided immediately when he really needs it. Hopefully, a ventilator will not be required.

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