Tidied up the website today! Finally, you don’t have to re-type the whole address into the browser to go to the main page. When you are self-taught, things are far from perfect and take ages to appear as you initially envisaged. When they do, satisfaction is greater and you learn a lot along the way. I am not a professional or qualified writer either, but that is kinda obvious.

We have taken the advantage today and went for longer over 4km long walk. Couldn’t resist it and the little one was a good sport and really enjoyed it. Living in a small village surrounded by fields have its benefits. We have visited all ‘her’ animals starting with sheep, then a white horse which she only today named Lilly (I have no idea what’s the horse real name, we never had a chance to meet the owner). Lilly is very friendly. Every day she comes over (don’t know if it’s even a she or he, didn’t look down there) to say hi to her and likes being stroked. We then pass by a farm and that’s a real treat. There are hens, cockerels, ducks, geese and a billy goat gruff! All curious and always happen to come out and see who is standing next to the hedge. Real joy! Further along, there are pastures for cows and as it’s spring there are some calves too. Back home spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden. Another day and I was even more grateful. We have a garden, we have fields around. Can only imagine how depressing it has to be being locked down in a flat in a city. Do not close parks and open spaces! Besides with weather like this, I think we have solidly stocked up on vitamin D. Keep fit, keep healthy, stay positive and stay at home (with an exception for one form of exercise).

I spent watching the news in my den, but not working out today but making more space and clearing stuff out of the way and ready for the trip to the tip. That is when the lockdown is lifted and it is reasonable to do so. I am not happy to have to go to the tip, it shows how wrong our approach to life, economy and future is. I have used, but in decent condition cot bed and a car seat with an iso-fix base that cost me a fortune (safety first) and which my daughter used for I think just over a year that no one wants for free. I am holding to those because I know it will go into landfill. If you or someone you know need these hit me up. I have just learned that the value of unused clothes in wardrobes is estimated at around £30 billion. Another £140 million is estimated to end up in landfill each year. That’s not sustainable. If you think people will make a judgment of you that you wear the same clothes all the time, you hanging out with the wrong people! I kid you not, I have a pair of jeans in my wardrobe I bought ten years ago. They still fit, don’t have any holes and I have no intention to replace them. I did my bit of contribution to the shameful practices I am opposing now. I also strongly believe the society must change or it will be forced to it one way or another. It is the mentality though that needs to change. We need to take inspirations from the real world around us, not edited and filtered ‘fashion influencers’. How much fake do you and your life want to be?

We had the highest death toll since the outbreak today. 938 lives, more than a peak in Italy. 88 years old woman has beaten covid-19. Lovely lady. A reported asked her how was her treatment provided by the NHS. She said it was great, she didn’t want to leave. That’s the ultimate truth. You don’t know what your odds are. You only know the statistics of others. Then there was a quick interview with Steven Pinker. He said that he doesn’t understand why he is being called an optimist. He said when you see a glass half full or half empty it’s important to realise this is the case and how does it matter. Excellent! That is ladies and gentlemen rationalism. Boris Johnson is getting better and sitting up in bed. No mention about a ventilator use. That’s positive news.

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