Today’s day was much more chaotic I would like it to be. I woke up late and spent some time with the little one picking up on some school stuff. I have managed to do some reading but it was below the threshold I wanted to reach.

Oil continued to fall on all futures. Including the June contracts. If there is anyone still under any illusion this is temporary I would be surprised. Still, there are people denying the seriousness of COVID-19. Enough to look at the protesters in the US where they oppose the lockdown, quoting conspiracy theories, not science and allegedly are all funded by the NRA (the National Rifle Association).

I do believe Donald Trump is ignorant and is more than willing to take chances and gambles with peoples lives. I do not quite comprehend however, how allowing people on the street and quadruple deaths will help him in the long run. As he publicly approves those protests, saying if people are not happy with the lockdown they have the right to manifest, he forgets that it may be in favour to him now, but the people can also take it to the street against him. Unless that is exactly what he wants, I am genuinely puzzled. Less social distancing will enforce and prolong the lockdown. Even if it isn’t by forcing people to stay home, people will finally choose to stay on their own accord when the number of deaths will be too much to swallow and when those once ignorant, start losing family members and friends. Attributed to Joseph Stalin is saying that ‘death of one person is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic’. Nevertheless, for the same reason battles were lost when reckless commanders were sending troops to fight. They are all brave until brothers at arms keep dying and they retreat from the battle. Unless you can still change peoples’ perception. Russians had barrier troops (anti-retreat forces) in the Red Army that were ordered to shoot down front line soldiers who were backing from the fight to ‘motivate’ them to fight on.

As the financial sector goes through the cycle of emotions so will the population during this pandemic. We are somewhere at the start of the parabola. We still see ignorance and complacency, this is counter levered with growing anxiety. Next step will be fear, then panic. The bottom is where despondency is, but there is always hope and with the end of pandemic and any crises comes relief. Nothing lasts forever. Pandemics and economic crises either. The question is whether it will make or break most of us.

The science and statistics are always cold, measured and out of touch. They have to be. Drawing emotions from those or worse, using it for such an effect, is immoral in my opinion. Everyone to their own. However, in my opinion, science is not to make people feel a certain way. It helps understand the problem and therefore provides the mental muscle to think of a solution.

It seems this is what we might be able to do. On Thursday, the first-ever COVID-19 vaccine is being trialled on people. This is big, no doubt about it. Out of nearly 80 vaccine proposals around the world, Britain may lead the way. Matt Hancock understands how big this is and said he is throwing everything (I understand every resource available to him) at it. This is huge not just to end the pandemic sooner, but politically it would be the biggest win there can be in such a scenario. It is far too early to applaud it but it is a very good start, no doubt.

My evening was spent on concentrating on moving from the ground my other project(s). As I have mentioned it is important to concentrate on what is essential. I do struggle with that big time. I always have been. When I was young I could do quite a lot at one time but then I could not sleep. Now, 4 hours of shut-eye turns me into a zombie, kills my productivity and creativity. It is also very little I can focus on while keeping an eye on my daughter. Perhaps this is just a weak excuse to my own rule, but I mention it because I know there will be many ambitious people out there who feel the same way. At the end of the day, once you have the responsibility of others in your hands there is always internal dichotomy what to focus your efforts on. Is it money now, or money later. Is it what I want to do, can do or what I have to do. How much I make doesn’t define me anymore, but it still defines my future and future of my daughter. Money talks whether you believe in it or deny it.

I will finish this with the video from Spain which made me smile. It shows that positive spirit can be found even during tough times and is infectious like the virus, but in a positive way:

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