It was a good day. It is the end of the beginning but the future doesn’t have to be bad. A lot will depend on how we will benefit the positive change and take ownership of that new beginning.

So what has changed? It more what has been done and achieved in an incredibly small period of time. 100,000 tests a day target starts today. Whether we have hit it or not we don’t know yet. However, yesterday we did 81,000 tests in a single day! That’s incredible.

The vaccine that is being in development in Oxford and is currently being tested on people was created in 18 weeks! Something that is quoted takes normally 8 years. Not to spoil the spirit of what is no doubt a historic achievement and victory of science, Ebola vaccine was developed in 10 months.

We are past the peak what Boris Johnson announced in today’s briefing. It’s obviously not over, but less daily deaths are better. To also know the NHS has managed and continues to manage is a piece of great news in itself.

Channel 4 since yesterday was reporting stories of lovely people that survived COVID-19. I found it so refreshing and full of optimism. This is what I want to see and it’s something it is worth fighting for. Sure, it’s not over, will the economy suffer, yes it will. Do I worry? Of course, I do. Still, money can be made, lost lives cannot be bought back. I will happily walk everywhere knowing that we had pulled this out altogether and saved n number of lives, than moan I cannot now afford a new car every two or three years.

My daughter woke me up with a hug and saying ‘I love you daddy’. Felt a lot of happiness, but at the same time surprise. Why? I think the first time I also really sat down with my daughter and observed her fully going through her syllabus. I enjoyed it. She did too. That was the best waste of my time I have ever done.

I was lazy to do my workout. However, it was either doing something or nothing and not watch the news. 7 pm on the dot I was in my workout gear ready to watch the summary of the day from the UK and around the world while pretending to work out. Hey, brothers and sisters procrastinators! You know what? Once I have started doing it, there was no incentive to lie and pretend. What supposed to be a lazy workout turned out to be actually very good and made me sweat a lot. Fuck your big goals! Just leave the sofa and turn up to whatever you wish to do. Only turn up, you will turn out better you had ever planned to become.

Just before my phone has died I have noticed a friend of mine running 5 k for 30 days! I thought, gosh, that’s a lot of running. With that in my head, I am wondering now, how many consecutive days I will manage before breaking the chain…

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