Long time without sharing. The internal dichotomy and the revolt of angels and demons in my head continuous. But order emerges from chaos. I am on a good path. Will share more once have a minute or two to edit my posts.

It took longer than a few weeks to turn the tide on the coronavirus pandemic but nevertheless we are on a good path now. No, it’s not Boris Johnson. The name is Dexamethasone and it’s a drug that is cheap as chips, that nobody initially believed in, yet it seems to be saving third of patients on ventilators. Check SARS-CoV-2!

Thought of the day is definitely time. Having time to contemplate or even have a good sleep each day is opening new areas in the brain that you have not realised you had access to. I had a tsunami of ideas over this lockdown period. I had experienced the biggest anxiety attacks I have ever had but I have also awakened passions that were dormant for the last 15 years! I had failures too. I procrastinated the same amount of time I normally do. I used to have an excuse due to working 12 hours plus each day. Now I know working those stupid amounts of time was because I was scared. I was frightened to fail and working hard was the only thing I knew. I didn’t even want to work less or make it easier serving myself physical and mental punishment.

So take time off folks! Have a break and enjoy an influx of ideas and solutions to your problems while having a hard-earned pause. It’s eye-opening.

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