The COVID-19 pandemic is being fought around the world while the economy is currently in a palliative care unit. It is hard to determine when we can return to normal, but it largely depends on steps we are taking now to warrant such a return. We need a plan that can be communicated clearly to the public. So, can we…

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Day 028

I woke up earlier today, started the day with writing and then spend time with my daughter to follow the syllabus of her formal education... There's not much there really. It has been requested to download the application 'Class Dojo' and most of the communication and learning material will appear there. Great I thought, especially that I was looking forward…

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Day 026

Yesterday was a pretty boring day. I have spent it on reading and chilling. Didn't even go for a walk. I did some exercises at home towards the end of the day once the little one was in bed. I have read an article in The Guardian which nicely corresponds with what I wrote yesterday in regard to labour needed…

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Day 022

Tuesday supposed to be back to business day after the Easter holiday. Not quite! Although only key workers supposed to be working I can see some small building projects going ahead and gardening became a new occupation to many. Majority of those works I believe are self-made and executed projects but I can see tradesmen vans and gardeners around too.…

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