Day 038

It was a good day. It is the end of the beginning but the future doesn't have to be bad. A lot will depend on how we will benefit the positive change and take ownership of that new beginning. So what has changed? It more what has been done and achieved in an incredibly small period of time. 100,000 tests…

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Day 030 – Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day Humans! I promised myself not to be drawn into the negativity of any sort today. I think I succeeded until the evening when starter to look at other research and you can read those on my Twitter account if you wish. I will keep this entry coronavirus free. Everyone needs a break! Today we participate in 50th…

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Day 016

Tidied up the website today! Finally, you don't have to re-type the whole address into the browser to go to the main page. When you are self-taught, things are far from perfect and take ages to appear as you initially envisaged. When they do, satisfaction is greater and you learn a lot along the way. I am not a professional…

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Day 015

Another sunny and quiet day. Another unproductive day though. Think I have read the Internet, twice! I didn't realise I can laugh so much sharing and creating memes with the family. There is a hint of sarcasm with every meme. Those allegoric ones, in my opinion, are the best. If you think I am a waster meme is actually serious…

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Day 001

Good day world ? Greetings from the UK. Here comes to an end the very first day of the lockdown. I can double my efforts now and write a bit more since I am a good and responsible citizen and I stay at home. It has been a busy March for me that carried on from February. I have been…

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