Day 018

Trying to disconnect from the world. Predicting the future, not just for prediction itself and satisfaction of being right but simply to know how to prepare for it, how to protect your family and your mental stability. Our mind is an amazing tool but can become our biggest enemy. While we think we distracting it the cogs inside keep turning,…

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Day 014

I am grateful a lot for many things in life. I may not show it, but I am. I really feel for people who don't have a garden and are packed in a flat. I do feel for you because I have spent 21 years of my life living in a high raised building. It is claustrophobic as it is.…

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Are we in business?

Where highly prestigious MBA diploma gets you precisely... nowhere, yet you are stuck with a huge debt for a piece of a paper that, no doubt about it, is proudly exposed on the most prominent wall in your house resembling an art. Perhaps it is one, in one form or another... A very vivid picture of pain, distress and disappointment.…

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