Day 037

The epidemic in hospitals seem to have plateaued and there is a degree of optimism the number of deaths will be gradually falling now. There's however another epidemic that doesn't seem to slow down. That's the outbreak in the care homes. The government has stopped "sugar-coating" the fact that more could be done to prevent the deaths. As a matter…

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Day 032

Inaction, mental strain, disputes and a threat to an intellect. Valuing an opinion to a study, following the chants over reason. When the truth and reality diminish, the chaos emerges. By the time we all become confused beyond any visible clarity of thoughts is too late. How to stay rational in society that becomes more and more irrational. Even normally…

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Day 010

Rather a random day but managed to do a bit of studying and research work. That came unfortunately at the cost of spending time with my daughter. From the book I starter yesterday and it stayed in my head that people that are closer to the end are ultra-productive and can accomplish great things. The author claims this is because…

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Voting Liberal Democrats is both safe and rational choice to make

Voting Liberal Democrats is both safe and rational choice to make. Here’s in 3 points why: It will end bipolarity of the Parliament and will force the House to work together. Conservatives won’t risk third snap election. They will finally get on with Brexit. LibDems won’t win the election so Brexiteers don’t panic! Yes, People’s Vote UK is inevitable but…

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